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"Once upon a time, there was a frog named Andy…"

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An ice bucket challenge. Mine. In a novelty bowtie. On the beach. With Death…

Neil Gaiman donates to ALS, does the ice bucket challenge without wasting water, and gets naked because his wife didn’t.

Well, yes. But I’m not going to mention those things just to get people to watch it. Oh, wait…

A Month of Madness

I don’t pretend that I’m important enough to think that what I have to say is worthwhile. But sometimes you (a general you, maybe not you you, and in this case a me you) feel like things should not go by without comment.

Growing up, I’m almost certain I was raised in a naive, rose-tint glasses sort of life. As an adult I find myself shocked, and then shocked at myself for being shocked, at how truly horrifying and brutal can be. It’s gut wrenching to see these events blur by, so important and so easily forgotten after the fact, and in those moments you are stunned and want to help, worried that perhaps your help isn’t wanted, or you just know that you are unequipped with the knowledge in how to react.

I know it’s not enough to just say I support those in Ferguson that protest the death of Michael Brown, but at this time that’s all I can really offer. I’m not a big believer in prayer, but they have been in my thoughts for the last few weeks.

There are those who lambast the protest, demanding that the justice system sort this out. History shows that for over fifty years now the justice system does not work. Not for people of color. Not like it does for white people.

In a way, this was inevitable. After George Zimmerman, who I wholeheartedly believe was guilty, was found innocent of the murder of Trayvon Martin, after Eric Garner, an innocent black man, was choked to death by a New York police officer in broad daylight, after years of the same story told again and again and again, something has to give. It had to, or else it’s just going to keep on happening.

History glorifies Martin Luther King Jr, and vilifies Malcolm X and the Black Panthers. I think for America to have escaped the age of segregation all efforts involved were necessary. I am a pacifist, but I acknowledge the merits of violence. And I’m not saying that these are violent protestors, much of the evidence points in the direction of sabotage promoted by the police, harkening back to the days of the civil rights movement when Hoover’s CIA tried to discredit the civil rights leaders by calling them communists and sent death squads to their apartments in the middle of the night. But violence is a response that brings urgency to the situation that pacifism cannot.

Violence from the hands of an upset, enraged, desperate community does not begot violence from the hands of a militarized police force. The police are meant to protect and serve, not act as judge, jury and executioner, and then only protect their own.

Anger is a natural part of grief, and there is a lot of anger to be had. The police have done little to dispel this anger, and everything they can to instigate it. When an unarmed teenager is shot six times, two times in the head, that’s disgusting, disgraceful and enraging.

I’ve never felt threatened by the police, but I’ve never been the target of a bigoted figure with a power of authority over me. To me it is easy to imagine that situation, and who knows what the future holds. I may hold hands with my husband in front of the wrong cop one day and find myself in a similar position that people of color find themselves in on a daily basis. The difference however is that I can hide what it is about myself that a bigot would discriminate against, a person of color cannot. There is no shield other than the hope that this hypothetical cop we speak of is one of the good ones.

I care, though with little proof to show other than my words, for the human race, for our animal friends, for the planet and ecosystem in which we rely on. With my rose-tinted glasses on, I hope we as a planet will reach a point where these events are a thing of the past, frowned upon and regretted and remembered for the tragedies they are, and we are cautious to the fact that we can’t let it happen again.



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"horses are such majestic creatures!"


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